Magnetic slimming panties review

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There are plenty of companies advertising magnetic slimming panties, or magnetic healing panties. The advertisements promise everything from helping you lose weight, boosting your metabolism, improving circulation, relieving body aches and pains, and more. But the real question is, do they really work? Find out here!

Do magnetic slimming or healing panties work?

The answer is no. Absolutely not. These products are absolute scams, and the people or companies selling them are scam artists. It is that simple. How can I be so sure? Let me guide you as to how I can make such a bold claim.

Fact: Magnetic fields do not significantly affect the human body.

This fact should be the first indicator that therapeutic magnetic products do not work as advertised. The fact of the matter is that the human body isn’t made of ferrous metals. A common misconception is that since blood contains iron, blood reacts with magnets. But the iron atoms in our blood are not stray atoms, they are in a compound that doesn’t react to magnets. Humans can safely stand right next to large, powerful magnets, such as the ones in junkyards used to pick up cars.

Think about this for a moment. If extremely large, extremely powerful electromagnets don’t affect human health, how could small, permanent magnets imbedded in underwear possibly have any affect? The answer, of course, is that they don’t. In one advertisement I received through the mail today, I saw these being advertised as “healing magnets.”

What is a healing magnet?

A healing magnet is what a scam artist calls a magnet, in hopes people will buy it at dramatically inflated prices. The fact of the matter is that a magnetic field is a magnetic field. Calling normal, permanent magnets ‘healing magnets’ does not give them magical healing properties.

The short version

If you just skipped to the end, here is a short summary. Human health is not affected by even the most powerful magnetic fields. Logically speaking, small permanent magnets would not be sufficient to affect your health in any measurable way. People advertising magnetic panties or underwear make incredible claims that are not backed up by modern science or any published scientific study. Don’t buy these fraudulent products because that is what they are.

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