An AAA membership is worth the money

Sometimes, you need to spend some money in order to save money at a later time. Such is the case with an AAA membership. The current rate for the American Automobile Association, or AAA, is $75 for the first year, and $50 for each year after that. It’s best to think of AAA as a form of insurance. For the membership price, you get a magazine about once every two months, along with special discounts at hotels, car maintenance, and more. Just with hotels alone, I was able to save more than a hundred dollars simply by being an AAA member, which is great. A lot of businesses claim that their product pays for itself, and often times that simply isn’t true. However, I have found that an AAA membership truly does pay for itself.

Not only do you get discounts, but AAA also gives massive discounts and free emergency roadside assistance. Just last week, I took a vacation to Death Valley national park. I was driving on a desert road with gravel shoulders. I tried to zoom out on my GPS unit while I was driving. Unfortunately, I went off the road and onto the shoulder, slammed on my brakes, and spun out off the road. There I was, stranded off the road, in the middle of the desert. Fortunately my cell phone worked. I took out my AAA card, dialed the number, and within an hour and a half, a tow truck pulled my back onto the road, and I was back to my vacation! How much did I pay for this service? I paid absolutely nothing. If your car is less than 30 feet away from the road, AAA pays for 100% of the service! You don’t have to get your credit card out or anything; it’s all a complimentary service. I did end up tipping the tow truck guy 20 bucks because he kept complaining about how little AAA pays him, but that was my choice. Had I not had AAA, it probably would’ve taken much longer and cost much more in order to get my car back onto the road. Please keep in mind that there are limits to the free service. If you’re car is fifty feet away from the road, for example, it could cost you.

In short, if you drive a lot, or spend a couple nights in a hotel each year, AAA might very well be worth the membership fee. I’ve found that having an AAA membership truly does pay for itself if you know how to take advantage of all its benefits.

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This post was written by admin on March 9, 2009

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