Welcome to Colin's Coilgun Site! Here, you will find information, pictures, schematics, mathematics and more relating to coilguns!

What is a coilgun?

A coilgun, or Gauss gun, is a device which uses intense electromagnetic fields to accelerate a metallic projectile.

Coilgun setup 1

What is so special about coilguns?

Coilguns are interesting for many reaons. Coilguns have the ability to accelerate and launch objects without using any sort of propellent. Also, coilguns have absolutely no moving parts, which make them highly reliable and silent instruments. The idea of using nothing but electricity to accelerate objects to a great speed is what makes coilguns so unique!

Why are coilguns so challenging to design and build?

For a coilgun to work properly, massive amounts of electric current must be controlled for extremely short periods of time. Indeed, many coilguns built by hobbyists including myself have instantaneous power ratings of over one megawatt! For multi-stage coilguns, precise triggering mechanisms must be used to properly trigger the later stages of the coilgun. For a successful coilgun project, one needs to construct a high voltage power supply, a speed detector, and more.

Coilgun projects can be extremely dangerous if you don't know what your doing. Capacitors can unleash massive amounts of electricity which can seriously injure or kill. Please use this information with caution, as I can not be held responsible for your actions.